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About the Heroes


BrandonSergeant Brandon Paudert was the son of former West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert. He had dreams of becoming an officer and serving his community since he was a young boy. He was promoted to Sergeant a year before that tragic day. Brandon is survived by his wife Kim, whom he had dated since they were 14 years old, his daughter, Katie, and two sons, Lane and Wil.




Bill Officer Bill Evans was an eight-year-veteran of the West Memphis Police Department. He was an integral part of the drug and criminal interdiction team. He was an honorable man who always said,  “I can fix anything but a broken heart and the break of day.” He is survived by two sons, Thomas and David and his fiancé, Sunday Shanks, who was the police dispatcher on that tragic day.




The idea of this Memorial began with the tragic loss of Sergeant Paudert and Officer Evans. In recent years, four other officers have lost their lives protecting ours. Fireman David Eason, Arkansas State Trooper Sergeant Glen Bailey, State Trooper Mark Carthron, and West Memphis Police Officer Michael Waters were all killed in the line of duty.


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